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  • Cracked Block Foundation
  • Cracks in Brick Facing
  • Chimney Cracking or Leaning
  • Drywall Cracks
  • Sinking Foundation
  • Uneven Doors or Windows
  • Sloping or sagging floors
  • Cracks in the floor or tile

The recommended first step when you notice any of these problems is to have Roggio Foundation Repair inspect your home and foundation. Obtaining a professional opinion on the causes, costs and available solutions is a necessary step in securing your foundation walls.

Foundation problems can get very serious if they are not addressed.  When your home experiences foundation settlement, bowing walls, cracks in the walls or floors and ceilings, the symptoms may be barely noticeable at first....  Perhaps a small crack appears in your foundation walls, drywall,  or window jams.

Soon, the problems from foundation damage can worsen significantly, and quickly.  Chimneys can begin to tilt, floors can crack, sag and become uneven, and wall cracks can begin to grow in size.  If the foundation problem is ignored, the foundation will eventually erode to the point of partial or complete failure.  And once the foundation cracks get large enough, not only will leaking be an issue, but safety becomes a serious issue too.

Homes with a failing foundation can lead to decreased home value, dangerous situations, and more. It is more cost effective to fix your damaged foundation before you sell.

We are a fully Licensed & Insured Company that is registered with Federal Law E-verify Corp.

Roggio Foundation Repair provides solutions for failing home foundations, settling soil, and water or termite damage.

As a homeowner, you protect the things that you can see inside and outside your house. Knowing what's underneath is even more important as it holds the structural foundation of your home. The foundation walls, piers, and retaining walls are there to provide a stable base for the rest of the home. If any of these are failing to do their job, the structural integrity of the home is compromised. And, the longer problems are neglected the more costly the repair may become.

Our experienced team provides home foundation repair solutions with attention to detail and superior customer service. We have repaired sagging floors, cracked walls, sticking doors and windows, and many other foundation-related issues.

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Signs Your Home Foundation May Need Repair